Boulder County Recycling Center and Composting Authority

Commerce City, CO

General Contractor: Taylor Ball; Boulder Colorado
Architect: Edge Architecture, Inc.; Boulder, Colorado
Pre-Engineered Metal Building: VP Buildings
Project Time Frame: July 2000 - June 2001
Project Turnkey Cost: $13.6 million
Supply & Erection: Lefever Building Systems

Steel Buildings:

  • Roof Panels: 24 gauge ” Galvalume” Standing Seam with 20 year weather tightness warranty
  • Wall Panels: 26 gauge “Slate Gray” (Custom Color) Panel Rib wall panels.
  • Translucent Wall Panels: 90% (clear) light transmission translucent wall panels

Process Building:

  • 160′ x 180′ x 41′-3″ / 32′ (.25: 12) roof slope consisting of a main building 72′ wide x 180′ x 41′-3″ eave height with a 41′-6″ wide and a 46′-6″ wide x 180′ x 32′ eave height lean-to on side walls to create a clear story effect with a continuous row of full height windows for natural lighting. The main building utilized 14″ straight (up to 12′-0″ high) then a standard taper “Super Market” style columns.
  • Wall Lights: 2400 sf of wall panels on the west end and 1650 sf on the south side utilized translucent wall panels for natural lighting.
  • Doors: West endwall required 3 each 9′ x 12′ dock roll up doors along with 1 each 12′ x 20′ and 2 each 20′ x 20′. South sidewall required 1 each 10′ x 12′ and 3 each 16′ x 27′ doors
  • Insulation: Roof insulated with 6″ (R-19) Cavity System and walls with 4″ (R-13) with reinforced vinyl facing (WMP-VR).

Tipping Floor Building:

  • 100′-6″ x 185′ x 32′ low side eave height and 41′-3″ high side eave height (.75: 12) single slope roof.
  • Canopy: 12′ x 185′ (1.5: 12) up sloped canopy with multi gutter on east sidewall
  • Wall Lights: North and south end walls included 1400 sf each of translucent wall panels for natural lighting
  • Doors: East sidewall included 4 each 20′ x 27′ steel roll up doors for truck access
  • Insulation: 4″ (R-13) roll runner system roof insulation with reinforced vinyl facing (WMP-VR). Walls were not insulated.


  • 7700 sf of two story conventional constructed office building with a 650 sf elevated walkway between Office Building and Process Building.
  • Panels: 24 ga. “Galvalume” Standing Seam roof panels, 26 ga. “Slate Gray” Panel Rib wall panels and translucent wall panels on north side.