City of Greeley Police Firing Range/SWAT Training

General Contractor: Lefever Building Systems
Architect: Lefever Building Systems coordinated the Design of this Facility without an architect
Pre-Engineered Metal Building: Varco Pruden Buildings and Lefever Building Systems
Concrete Work: Self performed by Lefever Building Systems
Project Time Frame: January - June 2007
Project Cost: Approximately $700,000

Project Scope: This project upgraded the firing range and training facility for the City of Greeley Police Department. Range improvements included a pop-up target system powered by compressed air and a Range Master’s Building to enhance safety, coordination, and performance evaluation.

Construction Description and Scope: There were three buildings constructed for this project. The Range Master’s Building, Storage Building for storing target components, and the Training Facility. The Training Building features a large training room for SWAT training in hand to hand combat and restraint, offices, break room, and restrooms. The existing training facility was remodeled under this scope both the interior and the exterior so that it matches the new building.

Technical Specs: The Training Building’s exterior was upgraded with a combination of Texture Clad Panels and Brick. This design utilizes the cost saving benefits of Pre-Engineered Buildings but integrates the Texture Clad and Brick to satisfy the Architectural Standards of the City of Greeley.