Colorado Department of Transportation – Sand/Salt Storage & Containment Facilities

Boulder, CO

Owner: State of Colorado - Department of Transportation
General Contractor: Lefever Building Systems
Pre Engineered Metal Building: Varco Pruden Buildings
Building Erection & Concrete: Lefever Building Systems
Scope: LBS has constructed in excess of 15 of these structures throughout Colorado

Sand/Salt Storage Facility

Scope: Form, pour & finish concrete foundations, containment walls, floor slab and approach apron. Supply and erect pre-engineered metal building.

Facilities: Projects vary from roughly 52′ x 60′ to 75′ x 150′. Eave height varies but is generally in excess of 22′. Typical facility has stem walls from 8 – 12″ thick and up to 10′ high. Metal building is erected on top of stem walls. Building is not insulated. Electrical includes lighting and louvers and exhaust fan. Golden Facility pictured

Construction Time: 6-12 weeks from award on contracts.

Mag. Chloride Containment Tanks

Scope: Form, pour & finish concrete foundations, containment walls and slab. Install electrical, and supply access stairs.

Facilities: Projects vary in size from roughly 20′ -3 30′ in width and 70-100′ in length, wall height roughly 48″ and wall thickness of 8″ is standard. Containment tanks must be waterproof and include water stop in all cold joints. Containment tank located in Golden is pictured.

Construction Time: 2-4 weeks from start of construction.