Ensign US Drilling, Northern Headquarters

Milliken, CO

General Contractor: Lefever Building Systems
Architect: Morganti Group
Pre-Engineered Metal Building: Varco Pruden Buildings
Supply & Erection / Concrete: Self Performed by Lefever Building Systems
Project Time Frame: April - September 2008
Total Cost: Approximately $2.5 million

Project Scope: A Design/Build Project to replace an old maintenance facility. The new facility sits on a 17 acre site that hosts a 30′ x 40′ outbuilding along with a Maintenance shop. The shop area boasts a drive through lube pit with automated lubrication equipment and 15 ton bridge crane. The office area contains a top of the line training facility along with state of the art offices.

Key Features: This project features Ash Gray Vee Rib, wall and roof panels integrated with stone veneer which matches the native stone of this area. The 17 acre site is enhanced with the use of a 12,000 gallon top of the line refueling station and secured with remote controlled gates and security system.