Enterprise-CTF Compressor Station Optimized Process Design (OPD)

Platteville, CO

Designer: Optimized Process Design
Pre-Engineered Metal Building: VP Buildings
Supply and Erection: Lefever Building Systems
Project Time Frame: June 2008 - November 2008

Project Overview: LBS worked with the owner to finalize the design and production of multiple structures that were built as part of this industrial natural gas processing plant. Structures included multiple cranes, blast doors, walls & rooms and other features typical of this type of industrial construction.

Key Building Features:

  • Project location made the logistics and construction extremely difficult.
  • Safety requirements were extremely strict due the nature of the job and that we were frequently working around working gas production operations.
  • Due to a quick completion schedule LBS worked with other subs and the GC to keep activity moving forward where there was minimal conflict with other subcontractors.
  • This erection was extremely difficult since each building had many existing pipes that were penetrating each building walls.