Natural Gas Processing Plant, Marshal Compressor Station

Fort Carson, CO

Pre Engineered Metal Building: Varco Pruden
Building Supply & Erection: Lefever Building Systems
Scope: Supply & Erect pre-engineered metal buildings
Project Time Frame: June - October 2002

Project Overview: Project included five pre-engineered metal buildings, forming the core facilities for a new gas processing facility. Separate buildings were constructed for: Compressor, Metering, Electrical equipment, Gen-Set and Shop facilities. Building size varied from 60′ x 212′ x 24′ to 25′ x 50′ x 12′.

Key Building Features:

  • Project Combined Square Feet: 21,200
  • Expandable Construction
  • Two Bridge Cranes (1 – 5 ton; 1 – 2 ton)
  • Ridgeline Vents
  • Multiple sections of removable wall (for installation of future equipment)
  • Compressor building fully lined with 24 gauge aluminum perforated liner panel
  • Extensive wall fans, louvers & framed openings
  • All man doors equipped with pre-finished canopies
  • Constructed with minimal lead-time. Project on time and under budget