Location: Questa, NM

General Contractor: Tetra Tech

Pre-Engineered Metal Building: Varco Pruden

Project Time Frame: 7 months

Project Cost: In excess of $5.5 million

Key Customer Benefits:

  1. Worked with owner to coordinate construction schedule to account for delays in site availability. Schedule constantly revised in the field to accommodate changing customer’s designs and needs. Project faced with a mandatory transfer date to new owner at project completion.
  2. Overcame difficult logistics challenges.  As site had very limited storage LBS provided a solution to deliver material as it was needed.  Required management of approximately 70 semi-truck loads of materials to the remote Questa, New Mexico job site.  Provided steel erector with the proper sequence and quantity of materials to meet construction schedule.  Coordinated fabrication & delivery with the steel building manufacturer and other suppliers.
  3. Met extremely tight safety requirements on a Chevron job site with as many as 30 steel erectors working at any given time.
  4. Project success resulted in LBS being awarded multiple follow on smaller projects on the same job site.

Key Building Features:

  • Building: 160’ wide 530’ long and 60’ eave height, 1:12 Gable slope roof
  • 2009 IBC, Standard Occupancy, 25 # Live Load ( Non-Reducible ),
  • 40 lb. Roof/ground snow, 90 mph Wind Speed, B exposure, with a 15 lb collateral load, 3 lb collateral uplift load
  • Standing Seam Roof & Standard VP Panel Rib Walls

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